gorilla safaris to Ruhengeri and Parc des Volcanes

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Safari in Rwanda : the land of a thousand hills

With only slightly above 650 mountain gorillas in the world left, chances are that they will be extinct in the next generation ! Get your chance to see gorillas in the wild !

We provide tailor made Rwanda safaris and expeditions to Africa involving cruises, visiting primates, sightseeing tours, adventure trails , mount trekking and trips to various safari journeys in East Africa. We can help you plan for your perfect voyage the uncrowded destinations of  of the great lakes region. Give us a chance to make your travel experience memorable !  Get away with a responsible  tour operator  offering value for money !

In the Past, Rwanda was a recognized tourist destination with a wealth of natural treasures including the Mountain gorillas in the Virunga and Parc des volcanes.The tragic and heart melting 1994 genocide changed the attention of the world to this particular country. Today the country has recovered from the infamous genocide, Tourism and other sectors of the economy are improving at a fast  and encouraging rate.

gorillasafarisinrwanda.com will take you the national park for trekking of these Gentle giant apes and primates, with a guaranteed gorilla trekking permit if booked at least 2-3 weeks before time, perhaps the biggest endangered species in the world !

The land of a thousand hills  is said to have one of the best scenarios in East Africa, with its fantastic weather all year around that also enables you see the attractions in the land of a thousand hills at the time most convenient for you in your travel period.

Other activities apart from spotting  the gorillas , tracking golden monkeys include the cultural tours. You may visit the genocide memorial sites, the Cultural centres and traditional dances of this great destination.

3 day gorilla tracking Express

Rwandan Great apesThree days gorilla tracking safari adventure with guaranteed gorilla permits and departures. All is available if bookings are made at least 2 weeks in advance to Safari period Send inquiry


5 days Rwanda gorilla Adventure

mountain gorillas 5 days of gorilla safari adventure. Experience first hand a taste of Rwanda and its main attraction the Mountain gorillas , wind up with a city tour and a cultural or Genocide orial tou.

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7 Days Best of Rwanda

Expedition tracking gorillasSpend a week and get the full taste of Rwanda. Experience adventure and unparallel tranquility as you tour Rwanda's main and top destinations that is bound to leave you with find memories to last a lifetime.

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8 Days Rwanda & Uganda Safari

Facts for youUganda and Rwanda are Well known mostly because of the presence of the Mountain gorillas. Get a taste of different gorilla trekking scenarios and informative road trips with a wealth of unforgettably beautful scenery.

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 Gorillas in Ruanda

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Your chance to book a trip to view the Mountain gorillas of Rwanda . Inquire online for any dates you may want all through teh year. We have guaranteed departures. Our safari vehicles are 4X4.

Quick Facts on Gorillas

quick facts on these primates

* *When a gorilla drinks, which is rarely, it soaks the back of its hand and suks the water from the fur.
* *As he matures, a male gorilla's skull develops a bony ridge which makes his head dome-shaped..
* *Social grooming can relax a gorilla to the point that it will go into a trance.


* * A group of gorillas that live together are called a troop.
* * Every one of them has a unique fingerprint just like humans.